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Prelude is a collection of songs by Joe Byrnes written between 1997 and 2001, revisited and recorded in acoustic format.

This is Byrnes' first release as a solo artist, recording under the moniker "Parks", and the first time he has released music since 2001.

Although most of the material on Prelude is a rehash of old material from his bands Atrium and Llagni, two of the album tracks have never been released or heard before.

This home recording has been an exercise in re-imagining past works before moving on to new material.

Thanks. Enjoy.

J. Byrnes 2014

Parks Project Recordings


released October 31, 2014

Recorded at Rear Window, Summer Hill NSW.
Written, recorded and produced by Joe Byrnes.
"Prelude" was crafted using an Avid Fast Track C600 interface, Reaper and Pro Tools SE, Shure SM57, Beyerdynamic M01.
Parks Project Records 2014.
All rights reserved J.Byrnes



all rights reserved


Parks Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Jaded
I don't believe it's all in your dreams
Somewhere I know, do you want me to show?
Can't you see when life fucks you 'round, brings you down?
Positive thoughts will make you see you could be
But sometimes we all get Jaded
Waiting for things to change to something
And I'll wait.

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Don't You Now
She's doin' the dirty on me
Stop playing with my mind.
She's blind to all that she can see.
Don't you feel the way I want you to?
Don't be coming back to me.

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Fly
She flies away
I know she cannot stay
She leaves with much to say
Be gone
She flies away

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Wait Around (reprise)
We're gonna wait around
Wait around for you
Walking halls to get us through.

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Bruises
Between the morning and the nights he beats
Her bruises down to her feet
Between the sheets he says he cares.
I am never far away
I will be here waiting for you when you come home.

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Naked
Walking alongside the road
Nothing on, you're feeling cold
I took my pants off a while ago
Naked in the daytime
Naked in the dark
Anytime at all.
Get your gear off and be free
Just like me.

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Original 2
You want to be someone
I'm the one with the gun
Get your money here
I'm the one who strikes fear

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: You And I Will Stand
It's been a while but here I stand
I tortured soul, a broken man
Love will take you far
You and I will stand

See booklet for full lyrics.
Track Name: Beneficent
You need me to help you through this
So tell me
What's up with you
Give sadness away
I'm here again

See booklet for full lyrics.